Why Outsource Email Marketing 

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    Why Outsource Email Marketing 

    Email marketing is time consuming. Experts agree that outsourcing email campaigns can shorten the production cycle by as much as 33%, which saves companies an abundance of resources, including money, time, and managing costs. Inbox clutter, new spam filters, final-hour fixes, new mail clients, and other technicalities can clog productivity and, ultimately, the success of your campaign.


    Faster Production Time

    Training your staff in email marketing is a timely and costly endeavour. Furthermore, employees are unable to cope with other competing areas of your business that still require their attention. Because

    Improved Response Rates

    The success of an email campaign relies on using and monitoring the latest conversion metrics, such as click-to-purchase and click-to-action, more than it does on open rates.

    Greater Deliverability

    Outsourcing email campaigns gives companies the expertise necessary to comply with current best practices and build positive, enduring relationships with Internet service providers.

    Lower Costs

    For most businesses, it costs a great deal more money to build an effective in-house email program than simply outsourcing it. Employees rarely have the required skills, and if they do, they charge premium rates.

    Data Security

    TEO is committed to safeguarding our client’s data and valuable intellectual property and so data security is always our top priority. We provide EU GDPR compliant service, hence your data will be in safe hands.

    Weekly and Monthly Reviews

    Analysis of sales and leads attributed to the email channel and the areas where revenues can be increased, from the initial contact through to conversion.

    Dedicated Account Managers

    Every company that works will TEO is assigned a dedicated account manager that will help direct the inner workings of each campaign and your overall strategy.

    Cost Effective Solution

    Email marketing is known for its high ROI, or return on investment, and low starting costs. We eliminate the need to hire and train extra employees and keep monthly fees down though packaged solutions.

    More and more, research proves that outsourcing email campaigns consistently drives better results than in-house management does over the long-term.

    The most affordable lead generation method

    List Building

    We do the heavy lifting of identifying your target companies and their key decision-makers and build contact lists.

    Targeted Outreach

    We design, layout and deploy your email campaigns over and over until we get a response from your prospects.

    Get Notified & Convert

    We monitor your email inbox, pre-screen the incoming messages and notify you to take over the qualified leads and close the deal.


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