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Organic outreach system that CONNECTS & CONVERTS your ideal clients

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    Cold Email Prospecting

    Need to reach your customers with a specific message? Looking to expand your marketing but don’t have the time and resources to invest to handle it yourself? That is where we come in! We can help you build your customer base and create very specific email targets so you are more likely to receive a response to your campaign.

    Cold email Prospecting targets people who either have no idea who you are or have yet to engage with your brand. It is the first stage of lead generation and the first step to leading prospects down the sales funnel.

    Target: New prospects

    Objective: Introduce yourself, engage, and funnel into further interactions


    • Builds out your contact lists.
    • Broadens your brand’s reach.
    • Initiates prospects into your sales funnel
    • Helps convert customers currently using your competitors’ solutions.

    Results Driven Approach



    We create an in-depth understating of your business and establish your target market and audience.


    List Building

    We research and identify your target companies and their key decision-makers within your market and build email lists.



    We design, layout and fully manage your email campagins including incoming messages and unsubscribe requests.



    Once a lead is qualified, you will be notified to take over the communication and close the deal.

    Most will tell you that sending marketing emails is always a better bet. But when people say cold email prospecting is a waste of time, we beg to differ. In fact, when done right, cold email prospecting can be more cost-effective than inbound marketing.

    The most affordable lead generation method

    List Building

    We do the heavy lifting of identifying your target companies and their key decision-makers and build contact lists.

    Targeted Outreach

    We design, layout and deploy your email campaigns over and over until we get a response from your prospects.

    Get Notified & Convert

    We monitor your email inbox, pre-screen the incoming messages and notify you to take over the qualified leads and close the deal.


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